The Kwara State Government, in its efforts to increase and diversify its revenue base for financial freedom and bolstered efficacy in governance, on June 22nd 2015 signed the Kwara State Revenue Administration Law, 2015 (Law No.6 of 2015). With the signing of this law, the Kwara State Internal Revenue Service was given birth to and old Kwara Board of Internal Revenue became defunct.

Kwara State Internal Revenue Service (KW-IRS), as established by this Law, becomes the sole entity responsible for the effective and efficient administration of tax and related matters on behalf of the Kwara State Government with the following mandates:

  • To maintain the integrity of the tax laws and processes by eliminating all instances of multiple taxation;
  • To assist the State Government to attain specific economic and social policies, systems and targets; and
  • To stimulate voluntary compliance so as to advance maximum representation of the populace in executive decision making.

In keeping with the mandate for the KW-IRS, and charged with the care and management of the taxes covered by the Internal Revenue Law the KW-IRS set out to pursue the vision; “to mobilize revenue for the strategic development of Kwara State” with a mission “to serve the residents of Kwara State using the most convenient strategies that will add value and integrity to the revenue mobilization process and actualize the developmental objectives of the Government”.

The Management is led by Shade Omoniyi who was appointed as the Executive Chairman on October 1, 2019.