Follow the following steps:
  • 1. Signup
  • 2. Update your profile.
  • 3. Request for KRIN (If you do not have TIN)
  • 4. Do transactions.

You can do the following on the Self-Service:
  • 1. Apply for KRIN
  • 2. Raise Assessment
  • 3. File Annual Tax Returns
  • 4. Make payments of Taxes
  • 5. Upload PAYE Schedule
  • 6. Apply for TCC
  • 7. Apply for Kwara State Citizenship
  • 8. Apply for Hajj Pilgrimage

Yes, you can file your Annual Tax Return on the portal and make payment.

You do not need a TIN to register on the portal however you will need a TIN or KRIN before you can raise an assessment or make payment on the portal.

This is where all your tax liabilities and payment are recorded, it shows you all your tax payments and any tax outstanding.

You can send a mail to helpdesk@kw-irs.com or call 07006959477.

Kindly click on forget password and follow the prompt.

The taxpayer will get assessment and payment notification via email and text message provided the email and phone number are correct.

Between 6-72 hours provided all payments are valid.

PAYE Schedule gives information about how much is remitted (PAYE) on behalf of employee.

PAYE Assessment is the module used to generate PAYE payable upon submission of nominal roll at the beginning of the year.

You will receive a notification via SMS, provided the phone number is correct.

Yes, you can print or download evidence of payment through payment history menu

No, after filling necessary fields on the form and payment confirmed, download the form,take the form to your community leader for signing and the Local Government Area will issue the certificate.